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Jewish Social Services


Our Goals

Jewish Social Services, Hamilton-Wentworth & Area is a non-profit multi-service agency which operates in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region. The agency identifies and responds to the needs of the Jewish Community. Particularly but not exclusively it is committed to the delivery of social services that reflect Jewish values and traditions.



Hamilton Jewish Social Services is a part of the Hamilton Jewish Federation, the umbrella organization for the Hamilton Jewish community.

We are members of the Association of Jewish Family Services of America, Ontario Association of Older Adults, and Jewish Immigrant Aid Society.



We are funded by the Hamilton Jewish Federation,  Ministry of Community and Social Services, Hamilton-Wentworth region, Ministry of Health, Jewish Immigration Aid Society, and private donations.


About Us

Our staff consists of one full time director, one office administrator and one controller, in addition to program staff and volunteers.


Functions of Jewish Social Services Board of Directors


  • The JSS Board determines, set standards, monitors and    implements policy.

  • The JSS Board provides support services, evaluation and    follow-up to professional staff.

  • The JSS Board is accountable to the Jewish Federation and community.

  • The JSS Board has a thorough understanding of the agency and agency functions.

  • They attend meetings.

  • They interact with the Hamilton Jewish Federation and other affiliated agencies.




Functions of the Jewish Social Services Staff


  • The staff implements the policy of the agency and the JSS Board.

  • The staff provides services to clients, families, newcomers, immigrants and seniors.

  • The staff plans and supervises the delivery of the services to the community

  • They provide reporting, accountability, evaluation and follow-up to the JSS board



Jewish Social Services was started in 1929, and is the oldest Jewish agency in Hamilton-Wentworth.


It was formed to help the Jewish Community face problems of the depression. Throughout the years the focus of our agency has grown to meet the ever increasing needs of the community. In 1950 when Hungarian refugees came to Hamilton the agency expanded into resettlement.


In 1975 when the former USSR started to allow increased emigration, Jewish Social Services began to work with Canada Manpower to resettle immigrants in Hamilton.  Since that time, over 300 families have been successfully resettled.


This service to newcomers from all countries and walks of life has expanded to deal with the unique problems of immigrant families such as language, aging parents, financial hardships, job searching, education and integration into the Hamilton Jewish Community.


In 1990 as poverty increased, the focus became helping the poor through the food bank, financial counseling and emergency casework.