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Kosher Food Bank Chicken Club promotes healthy brains

June 7, 2016


According to Statistics Canada, 20% of Hamiltonians live below the Poverty line.  Government plans provide only subsistence.  Canada Pension income amounts to a maximum of $900 a month while a disability pension pays only $1,200 a month.   Rental apartments in Hamilton run about $800 a month if you are lucky enough to find a decent one.  


After paying for rent, phone, bus tickets and other utilities little remains to buy food. Unfortunately the needy not only go hungry but because of their finances restrict their diet they suffer poor health.  


Recent studies have shown that vitamin B12 helps maintain proper brain functioning. Low levels of vitamin B12 is related to depression, anemia and in extreme cases paranoia.  Vitamin B12 is particularly important for older adults.  As we age our brains naturally shrink which is why a blow to the head from a fall can have serious consequences.  B12 is an essential vitamin to help maintain a healthy brain.


They best way to get vitamin B12 n our diet is by consuming meat.  Unfortunately individuals on a low income have to make food choices based on stretching the dollar rather than on what may be the healthiest decisions.


Several years ago Jewish Social Services started the “Chicken Club".  Donations made on a monthly basis ensure our clients can have chicken for Shabbat.  It became apparent that the need for meat products was greater than we had initially visualized.  Our food bank now has two freezers and we now provide frozen ground beef to our clients.


We assist our clients in the use of these products suggesting how to use them to stretch into many meals.  


Donating to the Hamilton Kosher Food Bank is a double mitzvah.  You are helping our clients by providing them with nutritious foods and good health. 


Please thank about joining the Chicken Club with a minimum of $25 per month makes you a partner in this worthy cause.


If you want to help you can also become a food bank shopper.  When shopping for your family if you see a bargain at the supermarket, purchase it and bring it to JSS and we will either reimburse you or give you a charity receipt.


To join the Chicken Club click here.




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